Free Open Source Ecommerce Platforms: An Insight


Back in the year 2016 a survey revealed the fact that 40% of the internet utilizers have purchased products online through desktop, mobile and other such devices.  The trend continues even today and it seems that Ecommerce sales will continue to rise in the subsequent years.  The majority of small businesses nowadays keep online sales as part of their planning and strategy.

The issue with small businesses is that these businesses do not possess the necessary budget which is required for the development of an online store. Under such a scenario every small businessman out their wants an easy to setup, reliable and cost effective platform that can be managed with ease.

The only solution in this regard is an Open Source Ecommerce Platform. Some benefits of Ecommerce platforms are as follows

     Though a few clicks you can easily set up these platforms

     The store is free of cost

     A large community of developers backs these platforms which means that any technical issue can be easily addressed

Make the Right Choice

With so many platforms already available in the market, as a layman it may be very hard for you to make the right choice. However you will find this article very useful as in this article we have listed a number of Open Source Ecommerce Platforms which we think are the best at the moment.

The Best in the Business

In the headings below we have discussed the best Open Source Ecommerce platforms which you can use.  To avoid any technical aspects we have listed the key features only


          ZenKart can be customized with ease

  •   The platform can be integrated with ease when it comes to multiple payment gateways
  • The platform is well supported by hosting servers like MySQL and PHP etc.
  •   The catalog can be updated easily
  • The shopping options are many


  •   For better visibility on different search engines, in built SEO is their
  •  Shopping experiences of personalized nature and targeted promotions are very much possible
  • Cross-selling and Upselling can also be done
  •  The process of one page check out is simply awesome
  •  All kinds of online transactions are secured via SSL

Digi Store

  • The feature of email reminder is their
  • Customer functionalities like search features and quick login are very much their
  • The platform is equipped with backend functionality
  • The general functionalities of the platform are supported by 5 and PHP framework
  •   Shipping and payment functionality is very much their


  •  The image resizing can be done automatically
  • Unlimited information pages, products and categories can be done
  • The platform is equipped with product ratings and reviews
  • The platform can provide you with weekly and monthly sales report
  •  The templates can be customized


Prestashop is The right E-commerce solution which you should choose for your website because:

  • The themes can be customized. Moreover these themes are mobile responsive too
  •  There are more than 2000 templates available
  • PrestaShop has more than 300 different features
  • The payments are accepted via gift cards, credit cards and debit cards
  • Conversion statistics are provided


  •  The product catalogs can be managed without much of a difficulty
  •  The feature of automatic tax calculation can be used by you
  • Thousands of different modules can be integrated
  • Multi-currency feature is their
  •  Language settings are provided
  • Tools like data backup, Ecommerce security and cache control are very much their


Nowadays, integrating a Mobile Friendly Website: The Demand of Time with Woo-Commerce is very important for SEO your website

  •  Both virtual as well as physical goods can be sold by you as a vendor
  •  Blog integration can be done
  • You have 39 different themes to choose from
  • Order tracking tools and engagement features are very there in the platform
  • The software develops statistical reports


  • CubeCart is accompanied with “Brute Force Protection”
  •   Price updates in bulk are allowed in CubeCart
  • Category management in bulk can be done
  • Through CubeCart you can develop wonderful images with its viewing functionality (Light Box)


  • Ubercart is home to product catalogue which is configurable in nature
  • Ubercart provides account generation which is automatic in nature
  • The discount modules are many. These modules can be utilized for configuration of the product
  • The product development process is flexible
  • These were some of the open source platforms that can really help you in your online business! 

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