The Way towards a Professional Video

The Way towards a Professional Video

An Emerging Trend

The concept of blogging has been there in the market for quite some time now. Usually the first thing which comes in our mind when we hear the word blogging is a well written article. However nowadays a new trend has emerged and particularly with the rise of social media this trend has also increased. The trend which we are referring to here is Video Blogging.

A Video blog is basically a short video in which you can express any feelings or ideas you have. With the emergence of smartphones and digital cameras, the making of the video is not that difficult. Video blogging can provide you with several benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • It gives you exposure
  • If your video is good then it can become viral rather quickly
  • As compared to an article, a video blog is more descriptive and interactive
  • It is ideal for the tutorial
  • You can make some cash as well for yourself through a video blog

A Professional Video

Whatever video you are making, should look professional to the audience. This is something which most of the bloggers miss out. Simply having a cutting-edge technology in your hand would not serve the purpose at all. There are some tricks and techniques that need to be applied if you want a professional video.  In the article, we will share these tricks and techniques with you (Refer to the headings below).

1.      Back Camera

It is highly recommended that you should utilize a back camera in the making of your video. It is well-known that front cameras are reliable when it comes to video calls etc. however for a professional video, it is something which is not ideal. Always utilize the main camera at your device (back) for the recording of videos.

2.      Stability

It is important that you should hold your video making device with both hands at the time of recording. It is preferable that you utilize a tripod. For ensuring smooth recording keep looking at the phone. Do not look at the scene which you are filming.

3.      Landscape Mode

Also, keep this thing into consideration that videos are best viewed on screens which are big in size. Hence it is not recommended that you film your video on the portrait mode. A video made on portrait mode looks pathetic on a big screen.  The solution to this issue is the Landscape Mode!

4.      Grid

You should be careful about the angles while making the video. It really gives a pathetic look to the video if it’s filmed at angles which are unprofessional.  To avoid this kind of a problem it is preferred that you should add a grid.

5.      Angles

The best video is the one which is recorded in an angle which is wide. You should position yourself in such a way that you can record everything without moving a muscle. This is something which has to be practiced by you. Keep practicing and you will reach perfection.

6.      Lighting

Lighting is a critical factor in video making. In case of a photograph, it can be edited however in a video once a mistake is made it can be cured. Generally, it is advisable that you should ensure that your subject is irradiated through a bright light source.

7.      Avoid Movement

This is a normal rule of thumb which every video maker out their will tell you. While making the video, avoid needless movement. Too much movement affects your focus and if you really want to move then ensure that you move slowly.

8.      The Timelapse feature

In case you are using an iPhone, you will be pleased to know that iPhone has a Timelapse feature. This feature is very useful and you should make absolute use of it.  Ensure that you move less while using this feature. iPhone can display websites that are done on open source platforms perfectly because it has Safari, the best web browser for mobile devices.

Time for Action

All the tricks and techniques which we have mentioned above are easy to apply. Yes, you will find some difficulty in the beginning however soon you will be coming up with videos which not only look professional but also attractive to the audience. One last thing which we want to recommend is that use a branded gadget for the effective filming of the video.

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