The right Ecommerce Solution

The right Ecommerce Solution

The right E-commerce Solution

There is no shortage of E-commerce solutions nowadays; in fact, some of the most famous E-commerce solutions are available for free as well. An E-commerce solution serves as the backbone for your online store. There are several aspects linked with the effective running of an Online Store and the majority of these aspects can only be catered if you have an E-commerce solution at your disposal.

As we said earlier there are many E-commerce solutions that are available out there, however, the three most famous E-commerce platforms available nowadays are PrestaShop, Magento and OpenCart. Let’s see these platforms in the headings below


One of the best E-commerce solutions is PrestaShop. Published under the famous OSL, PrestaShop has been crafted in PHP language with due support for the MySQL database system. According to one statistic, the software is being utilized by around 250,000 online shops around the globe. In more than 60 different languages, you can use PrestaShop to create a Mobile Friendly Website, PrestaShop is currently available.

If you are someone who previously had the opportunity to utilize a content management system like WordPress then the interface of PrestaShop will be very simple for you to actually understand. The back end of PrestaShop shows the analytics clearly along with a detailed set of information.

PrestaShop is home to a documentation which assists you in the learning of ropes. If you select to actually get the documentation skipped then even in such a case, learning PrestaShop would be piece of cake for you. You can easily learn about the platform on your own without facing any serious kind of difficulty. However, a small experience pertaining to CMSs and websites will be a plus.

Prestashop blog module will help increase traffic to your website, boost your sales and improve the visibility of your website on social networks as well as search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The blog module has been used by 500+ Prestashop websites and it’s quickly becoming the most used blog module for Prestashop.

Some key points pertaining to PrestaShop are as follows

  • PrestaShop has a nice network when it comes to certified partners
  • PrestaShop falls under the category of Open Source
  • The software is home to a responsive default theme
  • A live editor is also there
  • Building Prestashop form is easy with support of built-in addons


Magento is also one of those Open Source E-commerce platforms which have been written in PHP. The original developer of the software is Varien which is US company having its headquarters in Culver City. It was Varien which actually published the release of the software in the year 2008. Later on, the CEO of the company sold the company to eBay. Today Magento is very much the product of eBay.

Despite being a professional solution pertaining to E-commerce, Magento can be very effectively used for online stores as well regardless of size. Magento is home to some wonderful features such as built-in SEO, admin interface and an effective inventory management system.

According to one research today more than 200,000 E-commerce stores are operating of Magento. The software has three different editions namely community, enterprise and cloud enterprise. Cloud Enterprise is free of cost and is the best especially if you are a newcomer in E-commerce.  Key points pertaining to Magento are

  • The scalability offered by Magento is simply awesome
  • The software is open source with a nice development community behind its back
  • A lot of extensions are offered by Magento
  • Order management tools are also very much their


OpenCart is also a well-known online store management application which has its basis in PHP. The software utilizes HTML components and MySQL database. There are various currencies and languages for which support is there in OpenCart. Some key things which actually define OpenCart are

  • Built-in discount systems and affiliate are available in OpenCart
  • The software is Open Source
  • OpenCart is home to a comprehensive catalog of extensions as well as themes. Both premium and free options are available for you to choose
  • The significant metrics of your store get automatically tracked by OpenCart
  • 20 payment methods are excepted by the software
  • Products can be differentiated as per their features and attributes

Make your Purchase

All of these three mentioned platforms are worth purchasing however at the end of the day it really depends on your work dynamics and professionalism. To make the right decision it is recommended that you should seek help from a professional. A professional may discuss with you your ideas and based on that may recommend you an E-commerce platform.

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