Ecommerce Platforms that can change your online Presence!

Ecommerce Platforms that can change your online Presence!

The Forecast

According to a recent survey conducted, the growth of E-commerce has been very fast. The overall percentage of online trade is 10% and it is expected that this figure will rise to 11.5 % in the year 2018. It has also been revealed that the total sales in the year 2017 have been $2.3 billion.  The figure is huge and it seems that there has been a serious annual growth.

The trend has been noticed by several software companies and perhaps this is the reason why these companies are developing flexible platforms. However not every software company has actually succeeded in gaining the popularity and trust of the market. Based on our assumption we have decided to list some software platforms which we think will gain a lot of fame during the year 2018.

The E-commerce Platforms

The E-commerce CMS is ideal for both large as well as medium sized businesses and companies. There are a lot of plugins at your disposal through which you can add opportunities and advanced functionalities. The system is home to content management functions. The system also allows you to develop designs which have a unique outlook.  The platforms have been discussed below

1.      PrestaShop

The main thing about PrestaShop is that it is among the few E-commerce platforms which are available for free. You need to purchase additional modules if you want to expand its functional part. The platform is home to flexible settings and has a control panel which is very convenient. The control panel is something very similar to Magento and WooCommerce.

Despite its exceptional features, Unfortunately, PrestaShop has not gained the popularity which it deserves.  Some key highlights pertaining to PrestaShop are as follows

  • The software is free of cost
  • The software has an analytics system
  • The software can be hard to manage when it comes to delivery and payments
  • The software can face bug issue

2.      osCommerce

osCommerce can be considered as the pioneer when it comes to E-commerce CMS. The software was very popular initially and had a fair amount of following. The platform has many plugins which surely serves as an advantage. osCommerce also has an excellent network.  Some key points pertaining to this platform are as follows

  • The setting up of the platform is very easy
  • As mentioned already there is no shortage of plugins
  • Good management can be difficult at times
  • The software hardly provides any updates
  • The security level is pretty low

3.      OpenCart

OpenCart is considered as one of the easiest eCommerce platforms out there. As a user, you do not need to be a professional to utilize it. The software is ideal for online shops which are small. However, for perfection, you need to avail the services of a professional web developer.  Some of the things which define OpenCart are as follows

  • The administrative panel is user-friendly
  • The security level is very high
  • The software lacks when it comes to ready to use plugins
  • Setting up of themes can be difficult
  • The support level is very low as compared to some other platforms available nowadays

4.      Magento

Magento is a name which is very popular in the market particularly in the circles of online stores. Despite its huge popularity, Magento is considered as the most expensive server resource. The software has been built on technology which is open source in nature. The key things about Magento are as follows

  • The number of plugins available is fair enough
  • Skilled developers can be searched out with ease
  • The security level is good
  • Scaling up is relatively easy
  • Server performance should be high to run Magento
  • The site speed can be slow

5.      WooCommerce

The base of WooCommerce is WordPress CSM Platform. WooCommerce is more of a plugin that provides you with the ability to develop online stores. Some things Right E-commerce solution considering in the case of WooCommerce are

  • The software can be managed easily
  • The number of free themes is many
  • Skill professionals are many
  • Security is less
  • The rate of scaling is low

To Summarize

These were the platforms which we believe will become more popular in the year 2018. We have just considered CMS platforms here!

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