E-Commerce Platforms: An Insight

E-Commerce Platforms: An Insight

Running an online business is itself a pretty difficult challenge and finding the best shopping cart makes it even more challenging. There are many shopping carts to choose from but you only have one spot and filling that spot is not easy. Each and every shopping cart has features that are not present in the other and it all comes down to some sacrifice and a lot of preference. It all depends on your financial stability, aims, products and overall needs.

The e-commerce market has become dynamic and diverse over the years. This is the reason why existing e-commerce solutions need to constantly upgrade their services in order to stay in the competition. According to the latest statistics, there five e-commerce platforms that are better than all the others. They are:

  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is certainly the best and most widely user shopping cart in the world. WooCommerce also has the highest market share, according to statistics, there are 1,986,393 active users of WooCommerce. The popularity of WooCommerce has grown drastically since 2012 and so has its migration percentage.
WooCommerce has left Mangeto behind whose popularity has decreased 3 times since 2012. WooCommerce is certainly the best in the business, it is SEO-optimized and it is also user-friendly to a great extent. However, it would be untrue to say that WooCommerce is a Magento competitor because is not the case. WooCommerce has clear advantages over others, it provides a lot of customization options and native themes to work with which is a bonus.

2. Magento

Magento currently has 237,834 active sites that use it. It is an e-commerce platform that is constantly updated to match the standards and that is why store owners are so impressed by its capabilities and features. Magento has been a game changer, and even though it faced a lot of criticism due to bugs it has still managed to pull through and gain a lot of popularity.
One of the main features of Magento is Checkout. With the help of which feature, customers do need to enter their PayPal ID and password again when they make purchases in the future. Magento is certainly one of the best ways to go. It serves as the go-to e-commerce platform for a lot of online retailers in the world and is constantly able to find a way forward.

3. Shopify

Shopify is another popular solution among the masses. It is a hosted card which tends to offer e-commerce functionality that competes with all the others. It is user-friendly and very simple to operate and that is what makes it such a popular choice. It serves as the main e-commerce platform for more than 299,000 online stores today.
Since Shopify is integrated with Amazon, it has opened up many new doors. It has been growing its market share and according to statistics more migrations are being made to Shopify since 2016. One of the reasons for Shopify’s success is certainly its POS System. This feature allows store owners to manage their offline store together with the online counterpart and the best part is that it can even take payments if it is connected to PayPal.

4. OpenCart

OpenCart is currently used by 318,317 store owners on the internet and it is certainly helpful in running a business. Almost 150,000 of these stores are located in the United States. However, OpenCart has started to lose its popularity very quickly. After a survey of 1 million top websites in the world, it was found that only 0.3% of those sites were built using OpenCart.
There are many reasons for the demise of OpenCart, for starters it requires installation for many of the add-ons that you might need. This is a tedious and slow process to go through for most users and that is why they tend to avoid it. Another problem with OpenCart is that in order to use the themes you must have some knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This makes things all the more complicated.

5. PrestaShop

One of the most Free Open Source E-commerce Platforms that you can find is none other than PrestaShop. PrestaShop powers many of the online stores that you see on the internet. It has a pretty big market share and is a worth competitor. One of the best things about PrestaShop is that it is a highly compatible platform and can be integrated with almost any thing.
These were some of the best e-commerce platforms that you should know about. Everything has a rise and fall and same goes for e-commerce platform. It is important to innovate and update in order to secure a place in this competitive world.

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