Introduction about Multi Vendor Marketplace

Introduction about Multi Vendor Marketplace

Thinking about the multi-vendor marketplaces where a large number of buyers and sellers can connect with each other easily for business purpose, we usually think about the large-scale business sites like Amazon, Daraz, and Ali-baba etc.

Yes, business to business marketplaces are based on the same schema but the management of the vendors is an important thing if one wants to launch their own marketplace these things must be kept in mind.

Accompanying the vendors:

There should be an easy platform for the vendor to sign up on the specific platform and the registration should be step by step and easy to understand without facing any sort of difficulty even if the registration is one-time.

The vendors must be able to access the platform right away when the registration is being completed and the vendor should be able to operate the platform completely and easily.

There is an automatic and validation free operations on the big marketplaces like Amazon and Ali-baba which is a quiet satisfying experience.

Sharing of login and password is not a secure way. Several persons take part in the sales service of a company at a time. Therefore, if the vendor creates the account it represents the company.

Multi-vendor marketplaces also offer team management so that the team members can create sub-accounts to access for each for the same company and also able to communicate with each other and manage the sales on their own.

For instance, vendors can divide their work by managing the account that they can divide the products and do not interfere in managing each other products.

Make vendor apprehend the solution:

There are some training sessions in multi-vending marketplaces for the vendors in order to understand the platform in the start and it offers an easy to use interface for the vendors so they can have their space for using it freely.

The advantages of multi-vendors marketplace PrestaShop marketplace module (multi-vendors) for vendors for their convenience is as follows:

  •  Easy to manage and create products.
  •  Tools available for problem solutions. The system is fully integrated in such platform and present in case if help needed.

Platform Competition:

Competition between vendors is tough on the multi-vending platforms because these sites allow all the users to rate the products of users so the customers are able to see the ratings of all the users about their product quality. That’s why these things also encourage the sellers as well when they get a good feedback about their products and they increase the stock.

Charging seller fees:

The profitable marketplace environment must be created so that the vendor must be able to gain his profit and should also be able to gain the fees for the platform so the commissions must be accordingly. The platform should also be fair with the vendors so that he does not run away for the other solutions.

Commission on the sales is defined in advance as well as the fees on discounted products.

There should be reasonable fees for the vendors so that they do not get exhausted.

Attract new vendors:

To attract more vendors on the platform there should be easy to understand platform so that the new vendors do not feel any difficulty in the environment provided for them to use their account.

Some advantages are mentioned below:

  • More visible
  • New opportunities to sell products.
  • Every step of the selling is defined.
Make Your Instagram Marketing Strategy Better With These Tips

Make Your Instagram Marketing Strategy Better With These Tips

Nowadays, if you are running a business and you want it to survive, you need to make sure that you have a social media presence. Instagram has become a very important tool for most business and if you want your business to succeed, you need to make sure that you are using Instagram to its full potential. Instagram is a great place to reach out to a huge audience, as of recent stats, there are around 800 million active Instagram users every month. That is a lot of people and you can use that to your advantage. You will need to have a proper marketing strategy and here you will find some tips that will help you to create the right strategy.

Get More Followers

If you want your business to do flourish with the help of Shopify Instagram you will first need to make sure that you have a lot of followers. If you don’t have a lot of followers on Instagram then you will not be able to make a huge impact and your business will not get the results that it needs. One way to increase your followers is to ask your existing customers to follow you.

First Impressions Matter

The profile of your Instagram account needs to be meaningful. You should not just write anything in your profile, the bio just gives you 150 words to describe your business, so make sure that you use those words properly. People reach the bio of almost every Instagram account and if they don’t like then there is no point in going forward. You should also not stick to just one bio for the rest of your life, instead, you should keep changing things.

Post Regularly

You need to make sure that you post content on a daily basis. This does not mean that you start to push out low-quality posts. You need to make sure that you maintain a standard, you should also not post too much in just one day because that will simply annoy your users and that is not something that you desire. The right number of posts is around 10 posts per week, not more or less than that.

Don’t Run After-Sales

Sure the main purpose of the Instagram account is to grow your business and improve sales. However, this does not mean that all of your posts need to be selling a product or promoting one. If you do this, you will annoy your followers and might even end up losing followers. You should also post other things like pictures of your employees and more. Just make sure that you stay close to your business and don’t start sharing personal stuff.

Use the Life Feature

You should also try to go live every now and again. When you have a new announcement or just want to connect with your follows you can start a live session. Here you can answer questions from your followers then and there which is something that they will appreciate. You can also demonstrate new products or just give a tour of your company.

Use the Story Feature

Instagram stories are perhaps one of the most popular features that Instagram has to offer and that is why you need to make sure that you use it properly. You can use the Instagram stories to add pictures or even videos and that can be quite meaningful. You need to make sure that your story needs to be relevant because it will just disappear after 24 hours so the timing needs to be perfect.

Seek Help from Influencers

Influencers can be a huge help when you are trying to market a product or service. This is because the general public trusts these influencers more than brands and you can use that to your advantage. If you can get an influencer to promote your brand or product you will see a significant rise in sales.


The captions are going to be an important part of each post you publish on Instagram. When you are writing captions you should include the relevant hashtags, you should create fun and engaging hashtags and use the popular ones too. When you are writing a caption you can be descriptive if you want and there are a lot of companies that do that and receive a positive response.

Contests and Giveaways

If you want to gain a lot of followers quickly and reward your existing followers, you should think about holding a contest or a simple giveaway. You can giveaway a sample of your product or any other product that comes to your mind. This will give your followers a feeling that you actually care about them and want to return the favor. Keep in mind giveaways do bring in some false followers who are just there to win the prize, so make sure that you do it smartly.

Shoppable Posts

One of the last things that you need to do is make sure that you create shoppable posts. What this means is that your followers will be able to buy your products directly from Instagram photos/videos. This is a great feature and can allow the user to buy the product then and there without giving them a chance to second guess their decision. You can integrate this feature into your Shopify store using the Shopify Instagram apps.

Low-Cost Ways to Start an Affiliate Program

Low-Cost Ways to Start an Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is not as new as people think it is, instead it has been employed ever since the birth of the internet. Affiliate marketing or performance marketing as it has been renamed recently is one of the best ways to market products and service. The way affiliate marketing works is that a company or any product owner in general contacts other websites. These websites are known as affiliates, the product owner then offers the affiliates to offer their products and services for sale and the company then pays a commission on every sale. The payment terms can be different considering various variables, but the idea remains the same.

For sellers, affiliate marketing is a great strategy as it is low cost and also risk-free. In this way, sellers can find profit through the web traffic other websites are getting and this can help increase sales. Website owners also enjoy this business strategy as it is an easy way to make their website profitable. It might be difficult to find product owners at first, but once they come, it is an easy way to earn money.

There are many companies that have launched PrestaShop affiliate programs, and for a large number of store owners,  Amazon is one of the best role – models when it comes to affiliate program. However, this statement is utterly false because PC Flowers and Gifts launched their affiliate program 7 years before Amazon did in 1989. Back then, the internet was not widely available and that is why affiliate marketing was not able to get the love that it deserved. However, many years have passed since then, and now performance marketing has grown rapidly and it continues down that path. Affiliate programs are good and all, but wouldn’t it be better to start your own affiliate program. Here we will take a look at a couple of different ways that you can start your own affiliate program and add more value to your existing business.

Is it Worth the Time?

Affiliate marketing has come a long way since it first emerged, and it is safe to say that as of now, it is worth a lot. According to statistics, affiliate programs in the UK alone generated over £1.3 billion in sales, this shows that using affiliate marketing for your business could be a great way to diversify your sales and grow the business. You might be all excited right now and would want to start your program right away. But before we do that, let’s take a look at the different ways that you can pay affiliates as it is one of the most important parts.

Commission Structures

There are four main types of remuneration models that affiliate programs use and each model has its advantages and disadvantages. So, choosing the best model comes down to what you want from your affiliate program. The four types of models are as follows:

  • CPL – Cost Per Lead
  • CPS – Cost Per Sale
  • CPC – Cost Per Click
  • CPA – Cost Per Action

Before you choose any one of these models, you need to ask yourself a few questions. The first being that does you sell your products online and do you have the means to track the sale from beginning to end? The next question is whether you have a long sales cycles that also have a lot of follow-ups? Lastly, are you looking to build an email subscription or just want to drive traffic?

As you can see, it is very difficult to use any one method on any website. For example, you cannot use the CPS model on a website that doesn’t have the means to monitor transactions. So, before you start to focus on other details, it is probably a better idea to focus on which commission model is best for your business. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that there is no right and wrong when you are making this decision. You only need to focus on the risks and advantages and that is it.

Running Your Program

Once you have made all the necessary decisions, it is time to focus on how you are actually going to manage your affiliate program. There are two main ways to do that, one is to in-house and the other is to use an outsourced network.


If you wish to keep costs at a minimum then the in-house strategy can be very beneficial. This strategy is most effective if you are looking to start small and only have a small number of affiliates. By a small number of affiliates, we mean around 20 to 30 affiliates. Below are a few ways that you can use to develop the PrestaShop affiliate program.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the first tools that you need to start using, it is completely free and you can use it to analyze the activity on your website. If you set up different URLs for the affiliates then you can easily combine the tracking and track the activity that they generate for you. You can also use any of the commission models as long as you have goal tracking. With this method, the only manual work that you will have to do is the payment, however, with only a handful of affiliates, this might not be as difficult.


Aside from Google Analytics, there are other places you can try as well. Take HasOffers for example, it is completely cloud based and it allows you to run your affiliate program. You can even create a network and offer different products from a whole array of websites.

Post Affiliate Pro

Unlike HasOffers, Post Affiliate Pro runs on your own server, but it is extremely powerful. It is a great way to build your affiliate program and it also offers a ton of commission structures. You can also integrate payment methods so that you don’t have to do anything manually.

Pros and Cons of In-House

The pros are:

  • A private network of affiliates
  • Offers full control
  • Very cheap

The cons:

  • Requires a lot of management
  • Requires more time to grow the program



Outsource programs are completely different from in-house programs, here you can just pay some money and sign up to a third-party affiliate network. This network will have all the software that you need to track sales. In addition to that, these networks already have hundreds of affiliates that become accessible to you so that you can promote your products there. There are many different sizes of affiliate networks that you can find, and the bigger the network is the higher the fee is going to be. Some of the biggest networks are Tradedoubler, Commission Junction and AffiliateWindow.

If you don’t wish to spend a ton of money, then you can opt for low cost and smaller networks such as Affilinet, Linkshare, Webgains, and Affiliatefuture. If you only have a specific product in mind, then you can opt for niche affiliate programs. In this way, you can find only those affiliates that are most relevant.


  • Large number of affiliates are accessible.
  • Offers a higher number of sales.
  • Offers more brand exposure.


  • Comes at a higher price point.
  • Requires a bit of self-management.
  • Important to choose the right niche network.



Starting an affiliate program is not as easy as most people think. As you can see, there is a lot of homework that needs to be done, before you can make any kind of decision. However, if you spend some time on developing a viable strategy then it can lead to your success. It is not necessary for you to choose either in-house or outsource programs because you can make the switch anytime you want. However, it is recommended that in the beginning, you start from the in-house program and then slowly move towards outsourcing.

The Way towards a Professional Video

The Way towards a Professional Video

An Emerging Trend

The concept of blogging has been there in the market for quite some time now. Usually the first thing which comes in our mind when we hear the word blogging is a well written article. However nowadays a new trend has emerged and particularly with the rise of social media this trend has also increased. The trend which we are referring to here is Video Blogging.

A Video blog is basically a short video in which you can express any feelings or ideas you have. With the emergence of smartphones and digital cameras, the making of the video is not that difficult. Video blogging can provide you with several benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • It gives you exposure
  • If your video is good then it can become viral rather quickly
  • As compared to an article, a video blog is more descriptive and interactive
  • It is ideal for the tutorial
  • You can make some cash as well for yourself through a video blog

A Professional Video

Whatever video you are making, should look professional to the audience. This is something which most of the bloggers miss out. Simply having a cutting-edge technology in your hand would not serve the purpose at all. There are some tricks and techniques that need to be applied if you want a professional video.  In the article, we will share these tricks and techniques with you (Refer to the headings below).

1.      Back Camera

It is highly recommended that you should utilize a back camera in the making of your video. It is well-known that front cameras are reliable when it comes to video calls etc. however for a professional video, it is something which is not ideal. Always utilize the main camera at your device (back) for the recording of videos.

2.      Stability

It is important that you should hold your video making device with both hands at the time of recording. It is preferable that you utilize a tripod. For ensuring smooth recording keep looking at the phone. Do not look at the scene which you are filming.

3.      Landscape Mode

Also, keep this thing into consideration that videos are best viewed on screens which are big in size. Hence it is not recommended that you film your video on the portrait mode. A video made on portrait mode looks pathetic on a big screen.  The solution to this issue is the Landscape Mode!

4.      Grid

You should be careful about the angles while making the video. It really gives a pathetic look to the video if it’s filmed at angles which are unprofessional.  To avoid this kind of a problem it is preferred that you should add a grid.

5.      Angles

The best video is the one which is recorded in an angle which is wide. You should position yourself in such a way that you can record everything without moving a muscle. This is something which has to be practiced by you. Keep practicing and you will reach perfection.

6.      Lighting

Lighting is a critical factor in video making. In case of a photograph, it can be edited however in a video once a mistake is made it can be cured. Generally, it is advisable that you should ensure that your subject is irradiated through a bright light source.

7.      Avoid Movement

This is a normal rule of thumb which every video maker out their will tell you. While making the video, avoid needless movement. Too much movement affects your focus and if you really want to move then ensure that you move slowly.

8.      The Timelapse feature

In case you are using an iPhone, you will be pleased to know that iPhone has a Timelapse feature. This feature is very useful and you should make absolute use of it.  Ensure that you move less while using this feature. iPhone can display websites that are done on open source platforms perfectly because it has Safari, the best web browser for mobile devices.

Time for Action

All the tricks and techniques which we have mentioned above are easy to apply. Yes, you will find some difficulty in the beginning however soon you will be coming up with videos which not only look professional but also attractive to the audience. One last thing which we want to recommend is that use a branded gadget for the effective filming of the video.

The right Ecommerce Solution

The right Ecommerce Solution

The right E-commerce Solution

There is no shortage of E-commerce solutions nowadays; in fact, some of the most famous E-commerce solutions are available for free as well. An E-commerce solution serves as the backbone for your online store. There are several aspects linked with the effective running of an Online Store and the majority of these aspects can only be catered if you have an E-commerce solution at your disposal.

As we said earlier there are many E-commerce solutions that are available out there, however, the three most famous E-commerce platforms available nowadays are PrestaShop, Magento and OpenCart. Let’s see these platforms in the headings below


One of the best E-commerce solutions is PrestaShop. Published under the famous OSL, PrestaShop has been crafted in PHP language with due support for the MySQL database system. According to one statistic, the software is being utilized by around 250,000 online shops around the globe. In more than 60 different languages, you can use PrestaShop to create a Mobile Friendly Website, PrestaShop is currently available.

If you are someone who previously had the opportunity to utilize a content management system like WordPress then the interface of PrestaShop will be very simple for you to actually understand. The back end of PrestaShop shows the analytics clearly along with a detailed set of information.

PrestaShop is home to a documentation which assists you in the learning of ropes. If you select to actually get the documentation skipped then even in such a case, learning PrestaShop would be piece of cake for you. You can easily learn about the platform on your own without facing any serious kind of difficulty. However, a small experience pertaining to CMSs and websites will be a plus.

Prestashop blog module will help increase traffic to your website, boost your sales and improve the visibility of your website on social networks as well as search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The blog module has been used by 500+ Prestashop websites and it’s quickly becoming the most used blog module for Prestashop.

Some key points pertaining to PrestaShop are as follows

  • PrestaShop has a nice network when it comes to certified partners
  • PrestaShop falls under the category of Open Source
  • The software is home to a responsive default theme
  • A live editor is also there
  • Building Prestashop form is easy with support of built-in addons


Magento is also one of those Open Source E-commerce platforms which have been written in PHP. The original developer of the software is Varien which is US company having its headquarters in Culver City. It was Varien which actually published the release of the software in the year 2008. Later on, the CEO of the company sold the company to eBay. Today Magento is very much the product of eBay.

Despite being a professional solution pertaining to E-commerce, Magento can be very effectively used for online stores as well regardless of size. Magento is home to some wonderful features such as built-in SEO, admin interface and an effective inventory management system.

According to one research today more than 200,000 E-commerce stores are operating of Magento. The software has three different editions namely community, enterprise and cloud enterprise. Cloud Enterprise is free of cost and is the best especially if you are a newcomer in E-commerce.  Key points pertaining to Magento are

  • The scalability offered by Magento is simply awesome
  • The software is open source with a nice development community behind its back
  • A lot of extensions are offered by Magento
  • Order management tools are also very much their


OpenCart is also a well-known online store management application which has its basis in PHP. The software utilizes HTML components and MySQL database. There are various currencies and languages for which support is there in OpenCart. Some key things which actually define OpenCart are

  • Built-in discount systems and affiliate are available in OpenCart
  • The software is Open Source
  • OpenCart is home to a comprehensive catalog of extensions as well as themes. Both premium and free options are available for you to choose
  • The significant metrics of your store get automatically tracked by OpenCart
  • 20 payment methods are excepted by the software
  • Products can be differentiated as per their features and attributes

Make your Purchase

All of these three mentioned platforms are worth purchasing however at the end of the day it really depends on your work dynamics and professionalism. To make the right decision it is recommended that you should seek help from a professional. A professional may discuss with you your ideas and based on that may recommend you an E-commerce platform.

Prestashop and Magento Comparision

Prestashop and Magento Comparision

Prestashop and Magento are two of the biggest Free Open Source E-commerce Platform in the world. Both of this software is used widely in the world and have quite a bit of following. If you look at the stats then you will find that there are millions of people who are using at least one of this software.

People may argue that which platform is better but for us, Prestashop is the clear winner. The reasons for the success of Prestashop over Magento is mentioned below. There are many things that Prestashop does and Magento does not.

Magento and Prestashop

Magento is also an open source platform popular among E-commerce circles. The main offering of Magento is its shopping cart system. The software also provides better control, functionality and content to the merchants hence this also serves as its plus point.

Prestashop is used by many people all over the world. One of the best things about Prestashop is that it is an open source platform. This allows the user to freely do whatever they want to do with the software.

Reasons Why

Below you will find some of the main reasons why Prestashop is better than Magento.

1.      Installation

Unlike Magento, Prestashop is easy to use out of the box. The installation process of Prestashop is far less confusing and it is very easy to follow the steps. If you are a person who is looking forward to setting up an online store then you will be better of using Prestashop. This is because you do not need to have any expert knowledge like you would need when working with other platforms.

2.      User-Friendly

One of the best things about Prestashop is that it is extremely user-friendly. It has a user-friendly interface which is very easy to use. Since there are a number of add-ons that you can use with Prestashop, therefore, you can add a lot more functionality to the existing interface too. Magento, on the other hand, is much more complex and difficult to understand.

3.      Search Modules

The search modules that you can find in Prestashop are faster than that of Magento. They work better and perform outstandingly. With a fast and responsive search module, it becomes easier for the user to quickly access the store data and find the thing that he wants to buy or work with.

4.      Compatibility

Magento is a software that works very well with Windows, Mac and Android, however, it is not compatible with anything else. Prestashop, on the other hand, works with Windows, Mac and Android, however, it also supports iPad and iPhone. Having extra compatibility is certainly a good thing to have by your side.

5.      Languages

One thing that makes Prestashop stand out from the competition is that it is available in so many different countries. Prestashop is supported in 40 different languages, this means that there are lot more options to work within Prestashop. However, one thing to keep in mind that English and French are the only two languages that are comprehensively supported by Prestashop.

6.      System Requirement

You do not require an immensely powerful machine to run Prestashop as it has very low system requirements. All you need is MySQL 5, PHP 5.2 and an operating system.

7.      Budget

Another reason why people prefer Prestashop is that it is budget friendly. If a business has budget constraints then it is better to work with Prestashop as it allows working with a shared hosting. It is a cheap way to go but it gets the job done. Magento is far more expensive than Prestashop in this regard.

8.      Payment

Prestashop supports many giant payment processors. This means that users can easily pay your website for the product through efficient methods. Prestashop features more than 50 different payment solutions and it includes giants like PayPal.

9.      No Skills Required

You do not need to be a programmer in order to work with Prestashop, in fact, you do not need any prior skills. The interface is self-explanatory and working with it is very simple.

10.      Abandoned cart reminder

Prestashop supports Cart Reminder 4 IN 1 – an innovative Prestashop abandoned cart module that helps your website reduces the number of abandoned carts in the future by displaying a cart popup notification (with voucher code if you would give the customer a discount), highlight notification bar or web browser notification if the customer is going to leave your website without completing their order.

11.      Online chat module

Live chat Prestashop module allows you to chat with 100+ customers at the same time. Dreaming Live Chat comes with awesome design, best performance, highest security, mobile optimized and a huge number of Prestashop chat features. Beside, there are many useful Prestashop modules you can choose to install on your website as: PrestaShop Blog module, PrestaShop SEO module, PrestaShop optimization module


These were the reasons why you should go with Prestashop and not with Magento. There are many things that Prestashop does and Magento does not, PrestaShop is an E-commerce Platforms that can change your online presence that is why choosing between the two is very easy.

Mobile Friendly Website: The Demand of Time

Mobile Friendly Website: The Demand of Time

Today we live in the era of cell phones. Not only cell phones, today we use the facility of smartphones through which a person can do all his office work. The technology is going very fast and it will not be a surprise that in coming years we may be exposed to other cutting-edge communication devices.

The business world has also been affected by technology and with the internet nowadays you can hardly afford not having a website of your own. Previously a desktop website was enough but now more than desktops people visit the internet from their smartphones. Under such a scenario it is very hard for any businessman out there to ignore a mobile-friendly website.

The Reasons

There are many reasons which have contributed to the importance of mobile-friendly website. The majority of these reasons have been listed by us in the points below

  • The biggest reason as already explained is the smartphone or cell phone itself. People are using their phones continuously 24 hours a day. Their entire office and recreational activities are on their cell phones. Under such a scenario if your company does not have a mobile website of its own then you can imagine the loss which you can face
  • The majority of e-commerce traffic gets generated from mobile phones. According to one of the statistics half of the traffic actually gets generated from mobile phones. You surely need to keep this aspect into consideration as a businessman
  • Mobile users use their phones in a very different way as compared to a desktop. They may be standing in a Que or may be sitting on their sofa. They use their phones for a few minutes only. A site which takes a lot of time to get loaded is not compatible with such an audience. To cater to this audience you need to come up with a mobile friendly website
  • According to one of the researches the people using mobiles purchase more as compared to the people who utilize desktop computers. We do not know the reason behind this phenomenon however one thing is for sure! If this is the case then mobile-friendly website is very important for you
  • Not only mobile friendly website rather you need a mobile optimized website as well. Mobile users do a lot of multitasking and to keep them engaged in your site, it is necessary that you optimize it too
  • If you have an attractive mobile friendly website then this will not only attract visitors towards it but rather it will also help you in getting into the good books of Google. One of the criteria of Google for higher search engine ranking is a well-developed mobile website.
  • The ultimate benefit of having a mobile-friendly website lies in the fact that such a site helps you in the enhancement of your brand awareness. The main goal of marketing is awareness!

Making a mobile-friendly website

We have already seen the reasons why mobile-friendly website is necessary for you. We can choose many Free Open Source E-commerce Platforms to create a mobile friendly website. There are many things which are involved in the making of a website. Some of the key considerations have been discussed in the headings below

Some key considerations

Whatever web designs you come up with ensuring that it is either adaptive or responsive. Usually, it is preferred that you go for responsive design as this is something which can be achieved with ease

Now let’s look at the key things

  • First of all you need to make your web design. This can be done by you if you are an expert. If you are not a professional and have financial issues then in such a case you can learn web designing on your own too. There are many tutorials available on the internet in this regard
  • If you wish you can purchase a template as well as that can make your web designing much easy
  • Allow customer to log into your website with Social Login modules. In case your website is Prestashop, Prestashop Social Login module is the best choice for you!
  • If you wish you can hire a developer as well. However, it is recommended that you should hire a true professional. Choose the developer with the utmost care and it is recommended that you avail the services of someone who is already well-known in the market.


Free Video Converters That You Should Try

Free Video Converters That You Should Try

There are many instances where you might require the assistance of a video converter and you might end up at a dead-end just because you might not be able to choose between the various choices that are available. Maybe your phone does not have enough storage but you desperately need to play a video, this is where video converters come in handy. With the help of such converters, you can easily reduce the file size and download it on to your phone.

The Best Ones

There are many variants of free video converters that you can find online but not all of them are as good as the others. So, with the help of the list below, you will be able to differentiate between the best video converters out there.

  • Any Video Converter
  • Free HD Video Converter Factory
  • HandBrake
  • MediaCoder

1.      Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is undoubtedly one of the best video converters that you can find. It offers many useful features that can help you in the conversion process. One of the best things about Any Video Converter is that it can convert online as well as offline files. This means that if you find any video online that you like then you can easily convert it to a more suitable format.

Other than YouTube, Any Video Converter also allows the user to easily download videos from other sources such as Facebook, Vimeo and Metacafe. With the help of Any Video Converter, you can even rip audio files from DVDs and CDs. The Way towards a Professional Video is so easy, you can create the video with a nice picture, quality of content…

It supports all the different video formats that you can find and that is why using Any Video Converter is simple and fruitful.

2.      Free HD Video Converter Factory

Free HD Video Converter Factory is another popular choice among the online community. It is certainly one of the best video converters that you can find online and it will not disappoint you. One of the best things about Free HD Video Converter Factory is that it features a 10-second starter’s guide so that you can learn to operate it.

There are many options to work with when you choose Free HD Video Converter Factory and that is why a starter’s guide is pretty helpful. Free HD Video Converter Factory allows you to drag and drop videos that you want to convert and choose the format of your choice. The converter even allows the user to cut and crop videos and even apply special effects to the video.

3.      HandBrake

If you are Mac user then you will know that finding a decent free online converter is difficult. However, a good news for all the Mac users out there is that there is one online video converter that you can use. HandBrake is a video converter that is widely popular among Mac users but it is not too popular among Windows users. However, after certain updates, Windows users have also started to use HandBrake.

If you are a person who works on multiple platforms then HandBrake is the ideal choice. If you choose HandBrake then you will get access to some very useful features. With the help of HandBrake, you can convert any particular video into a format of your choice. You can even crop the video and make some minor tweaks the overall quality of the video.

4.      MediaCoder

MediaCoder is undoubtedly one of the best video converters that you can find. It offers many useful features that can help you in the conversion process. One of the best things about MediaCoder is that it can convert online as well as offline files. This means that if you find any video online that you like then you can easily convert it to a more suitable format. Especially when using a video with an e-commerce website, it will be a lot more effective and attract people to watch the video

There are many options to work with when you choose MediaCoder and that is why a starter’s guide is pretty helpful. MediaCoder allows you to drag and drop videos that you want to convert and choose the format of your choice. The converter even allows the user to cut and crop videos and even apply special effects to the video.


These were some of the best free video converters that you should try. Video conversation has never been this easy.

Free Open Source Ecommerce Platforms: An Insight

Free Open Source Ecommerce Platforms: An Insight


Back in the year 2016, a survey revealed the fact that 40% of the internet utilizers have purchased products online through desktop, mobile and other such devices.  The trend continues even today and it seems that E-commerce sales will continue to rise in the subsequent years.  The majority of small businesses nowadays keep online sales as part of their planning and strategy.

The issue with small businesses is that these businesses do not possess the necessary budget which is required for the development of an online store. Under such a scenario every small businessman out there wants an easy to set up, a reliable and cost-effective platform that can be managed with ease.

The only solution in this regard is an Open Source E-commerce Platform. Some benefits of E-commerce platforms are as follows

  • Through a few clicks, you can easily set up these platforms
  • The store is free of cost
  • A large community of developers backs these platforms which means that any technical issue can be easily addressed

Make the Right Choice

With so many platforms already available in the market, as a layman, it may be very hard for you to make the right choice. However, you will find this article very useful as in this article we have listed a number of Open Source E-commerce Platforms which we think are the best at the moment.

The Best in the Business

In the headings below we have discussed the best Open Source E-commerce platforms which you can use.  To avoid any technical aspects we have listed the key features only


  • ZenCart can be customized with ease
  • The platform can be integrated with ease when it comes to multiple payment gateways
  • The platform is well supported by hosting servers like MySQL and PHP etc.
  • The catalog can be updated easily
  • The shopping options are many


  • For better visibility on different search engines, inbuilt SEO is their
  • Shopping experiences of personalized nature and targeted promotions are very much possible
  • Cross-selling and Upselling can also be done
  • The process of one page check out is simply awesome
  • All kinds of online transactions are secured via SSL

Digi Store

  • The feature of email reminder is their
  • Customer functionalities like search features and quick login are very much their
  • The platform is equipped with backend functionality
  • The general functionalities of the platform are supported by 5 and PHP framework
  • Shipping and payment functionality is very much their


  • The image resizing can be done automatically
  • Unlimited information pages, products and categories can be done
  • The platform is equipped with product ratings and reviews
  • The platform can provide you with weekly and monthly sales report
  • The templates can be customized
  • The platform is equipped with a Built on AJAX technology


Prestashop is The right E-commerce solution which you should choose for your website because

  • The themes can be customized. Moreover these themes are mobile responsive too
  • There are more than 2000 templates available
  • PrestaShop has more than 300 different features
  • Prestashop mega menu module is used by 500+ websites, watch the following youtube video for more reference:
  • The payments are accepted via gift cards, credit cards and debit cards
  • Conversion statistics are provided


  • The product catalogs can be managed without much of a difficulty
  • The feature of automatic tax calculation can be used by you
  • Thousands of different modules can be integrated
  • Multi-currency feature is their
  • Language settings are provided
  • Tools like data backup, E-commerce security and cache control are very much their


Nowadays, integrating a Mobile Friendly Website: The Demand of Time with Woo-Commerce is very important for SEO your website

  • Both virtual as well as physical goods can be sold by you as a vendor
  • Blog integration can be done
  • You have 39 different themes to choose from
  • Order tracking tools and engagement features are very there in the platform
  • The software develops statistical reports


  • CubeCart is accompanied with “Brute Force Protection”
  • Price updates in bulk are allowed in CubeCart
  • Category management in bulk can be done
  • Through CubeCart you can develop wonderful images with its viewing functionality (LightBox)


  • Ubercart is home to product catalogue which is configurable in nature
  • Ubercart provides account generation which is automatic in nature
  • The discount modules are many. These modules can be utilized for configuration of the product
  • The product development process is flexible

These were some of the open source platforms that can really help you in your online business!